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Immersive music studio


Personal Project, Chroma Mixed Media


Lead Developer


Unity, HTC-Vive, Ableton Live, Max 4 Live

VR-OSC (Virtual Reality - Open Sound Control) is an interactive virtual reality performance environment that allows a user to create unique, exciting and customizable control setups for creation and control of music, visuals, video or other OSC compatible softwares (MaxMSP, Pure Data, Ableton Live, Isadora, Resolume, etc).

VR-OSC allows users to create customized and unique control setups through a wide variety of controller types.  These controls vary from standard controllers such as buttons, dials and sliders to unique and complex physics based controllers.

This was developed as part of my thesis research into music interaction, performance na composition with virtual-reality at the University of British Columbia.

Examples of various performance setups:

Various performance demos:

Long demo with Katinka Leijn at Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity

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