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UBC Laptop Orchestra

Mixed-media performance ensemble


University of British Columbia


Interactive Developer, Composer


MaxMSP, Kinect V2, Ableton Live

The University of British Columbia laptop orchestra is a digital performance ensemble featuring a mixture of programmers, engineers, musicians, dancers and artists. Members use microphones, webcams, our Kinect-Controlled Artistic Sensing System (KiCASS), Wiis, accelerometers, game controllers, custom circuits, Arduinos, iPhones, iPads, etc. as part of creating interactive works.  The goal of this ensemble is to work in varied groups and develop interactive works that combine several art forms and technology, which are performed at the bi-annual Bang! Festival, hosted by the Universty of British Columbia.

Two of my works with teh UBC Laptop Orchestra, featuring a tracked dancer with the Kinect V2:

Early expeirmenets with a dancer tracked insturment:

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