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Standing Wave

Concept 'Album as an App'


Chroma Mixed Media, Standing Wave Ensemble


Lead Developer


Unity, iOS/Android

The Standing Wave App was a collaboration between Standing Wave Ensemble and Chroma Mixed Media to deliver a prototype for an ‘album as an app.’  In this concept, each track/piece on the album would be given its own unique interactive experience, which would all be bundled into a single iOS/Android app.  This allowed users to engage with the music and interact with the unique concepts behind each piece.  For the initial release, we completed two concept experiences.

  1. Create your own arrangement by selecting different instrumental combinations and adjusting their volume and panning in James O'Callaghan's ‘in an archipelago’

  2. Move a virtual "listener" through a 3D environment and hear how the different spaces affect the music in Jordan Nobles' ‘Echo Chamber’.

You can find the app on Google Play and the App Store

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