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Immersive VR Opera Prototype


re:Opera, The Sawmill


Technical Audio Designer, Composer


Unity, Wwise

OrpheusVR is an interactive virtual reality opera prototype with re:Opera featuring a branching storyline and interactive musical score.  It plays on the story of Orpheus and Eurydice, and poses the question, what would opera be like if it were invented today?  The user follows a mysterious voice and follows the lead character of Orpheus as we learn about his journey and search for his love Eurydice.  Shortly after discovering his mission, the user must choose the outcome of the journey, deciding to either help or hinder Orpheus in his search of Eurydice.

Protoype Intro:

360 Scenes for VIFF Immersed:

Scene Motion Capture at the Sawmill:

Face Capture testing at the Sawmill:

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