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Orpheus: Live from the Underworld

Hybrid-Virtual Production Opera




Composer, Technical Audio Designer


Unreal Engine 5, MetaSounds

Orpheus: Live from the Underworld is a collection of performances and shows produced by re:Naissance Opera that explore the fringes of modern motion capture, game engine and interactive technologies for both a hybrid in-person and live-streamed performances.  The performers are ‘puppeted’ with a dancer in a MOCAP suit, and a singer being face captured, and stitched together as a single character inside Unreal Engine 5.  This is accompanied by a live-dynamic soundtrack, including interactive elements within the performance.

The shows themselves take cues from the original Orpheus and Eurydice, exploring individual scenes and moments on a continuous story line.  Each show endeavours to explore the technology further and further as we explore new challenges and potentials.

Our most recent production during IndieFest 2022 was the winner fo two 2022 AUREA Awards for innovation and creativity.

A bit of background:

A Sample from our 2022 show with IndieFest:

R&D with an interactive 'Sonic Sculpture' used in performance. This uses the rigged character within the game environment to trigger and control sounds using Unreal Engine's MetaSounds:

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