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Neon Ghosts

Interactive neo-noir VR graphic novel prototype


Chroma Mixed Media


Lead Unity Developer


Unity, HTC-Vive

Neon Ghosts is a prototype for an interactive neo-noir graphic novel in virtual reality co-written by Ariane Bell Vila and Epiha Inglis with original music, interactions, and art by Chroma Mixed Media.

Neon Ghosts is set in the year 2230 after the world has endured a number of catastrophic events and is in a state of tenuous subsistence. It follows the story of Sofia, a brilliant private investigator living in Haven Bay as she ventures away from being a cold, emotionally distant private investigator - earning a living as a fixer for the rich and powerful - to being a champion of the missing, neglected, and forgotten people of Haven Bay (i.e. the Neon Ghosts). Audiences will experience the graphic novel as passive observers, effectively acting as on the Neon Ghosts themselves


Episode 1 Scene 1:

Epsidoe 1 Scene 5:

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