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Immersive VR Album


Chroma Mixed Media


Lead Developer, Co-Composer


Unity, FMod

Originally conceived as an immersive musical virtual reality experience, Naona (VR) was created by Chroma Mixed Media. Set in a fictional landscape populated by ancient ruins, individuals journey through the world of Naona and uncover its mysteries. Their exploration of the world directly shapes how the music unfolds. What results is a unique musical journey for every individual experiencing Naona VR.

“Chroma is effectively using new digital technology as a way to meld music composition, performance, visual art, and interactive design into an experimental, cohesive and unique experience.” -

In September 2019, a prototype of Naona VR premiered as an installation presented in collaboration with Redshift Music Society at the Canadian Music Centre in Vancouver. Naona VR was released to the public on January 5, 2021.

Naona VR is aimed to be an accessible introduction to the musical possibilities of virtual reality. As such, the premiere event had participants that were brand-new to VR as well as those with varying levels of previous experience. Attendees were provided their own Oculus Go virtual reality headset and noise-cancelling headphones. Each session was preceded by an artistic talk and demonstration on how to use the Oculus Go.

Behind the scenes:

Naona 360

Naona 360 is a 360 video version of the immersive VR experience. A teaser version premiered as part of Cluster Festival Digital Edition in May 2020. The full version was released on YouTube and Oculus TV on January 23, 2021.


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