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360 Immersive Music


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Spatial Audio Design

Chroma Mixed Media



‘Northward’ is inspired by the vast and rugged Canadian North and is a 360 video adaptation of another work ‘Tundra.’ The original work ‘Tundra’ was a spatialized electroacoustic work that was written for the Redshift Array, a 16-Channel Speaker system that has been installed in several locations around Vancouver.  


Spatial works play with the idea of sonic immersion, in that you have sounds coming from a lot of different sources, and there are a lot of creative methods to move sounds around a physical space that adds a new dynamic and immersive layer to a piece of music.  ’Northward’ is an experiment to adapt the original spatial work with 3D audio, and to create an even more immersive experience by pairing it with a visual experience that mirrors the original inspiration of the work.

Northward was premiered in 2020 as part of CBC Arts Digital Originals.

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